Personal & Rental Car Valet

When you're running late for a flight, every second counts, and the time it takes for a person to park their car at the airport and catch a shuttle to check in can cause one to miss their flight. Users can have a Jourve representative valet their car when they arrive so that they can move forward to check -in without worrying about the time it will take to park their car.


Airports are notorious for their long check-in lines during holidays and rush hour. Often times, travelers can spend over an hour in line just to get through check-in and security. With the Jourve application, you can have a Jourve representative hold your place in line ahead of time, so that as soon as you arrive you can go seamlessly through the line.

Food & Retail Delivery

Hunger pain can be an intense reality when traveling, primarily because travelers don't have time to survey all of the different restaurants and stores at their airport. With this application, no store or restaurant in the airport is too far to be delivered to you. Jourve allows travelers to order food or items and have them delivered to their gate in a timely fashion.